Ad-free Vampire Survivors is coming to Apple Arcade on August 1

, one of the very best of the last few years, is already available for iPhone. It arrived on iOS out of the blue . That version is ad-supported, which can disrupt what’s otherwise a perfectly enjoyable mobile gaming experience. However, Apple Arcade subscribers will soon be able to play an ad-free version of the auto-shooting roguelike at no extra cost.

Vampire Survivors+ is coming to the subscription service on August 1. That version of the game will include both of the at no extra cost as well. The base game (which is also ) includes 50 playable characters and 80 weapons, so with the extras that the DLCs add to the mix, you’ll have countless of hours of gameplay at your fingertips. You’ll even be able to play with up to three friends on the same device if you connect enough controllers to it.

That’s not all though, as two other upcoming additions to the service. Temple Run: Legends flips the franchise on its head. The original Temple Run was a . However, this will be the first level-based game in the series and it’ll have more than 500 stages. Those craving a classic infinite run mode will still have access to one, though. Temple Run: Legends is coming to Apple Arcade on August 1.

In addition, another game is coming to Apple Arcade. Physics-based puzzle game Castle Crumble will arrive on August 29.

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