Alito's Neighbor Disputes Flag Story: 'At Worst He's Outright Lying'

Here’s more of their exchange via CNN with some very chilling details when it comes to the Alito’s behavior:

BADEN: Yes. So, there were a handful of times that we somewhat interacted like not actually speaking, but, you know, she kind of stopped in front of the house and gave us a long glare. And I just want to emphasize that the interaction that happened on February 15th is the one that they’re using as an excuse for why they flew the flag. And I really want to hammer home the fact that that happened on February 15th, and their flag went up two or three weeks before that.

So even if it were a valid excuse that they were having a dispute with a neighbor and that made them put the flag up, the — that timeline just disproves it. It just doesn’t make sense.

BURNETT: No, it doesn’t. And I want — I want to go to that in detail.

But first, just the very basic, when you put up the “F Trump” sign and she walks by and she glares, did you really — had you ever talked to her before? Did you realize that this was Mary — that this was Martha-Ann Alito?

BADEN: Yeah. So when I moved back to the area in 2020, I did know that the Alitos lived in the neighborhood. I didn’t know which house. I didn’t know what they looked like.

And so, it didn’t take me long though to put two and two together. Why — (CROSSTALK)

BURNETT: And to realize when she’s standing outside. So you realize that she’s upset about this.

So then when January 6th happens, I — my understanding is — and correct me if I’m wrong, Emily, because I’m trying to make sure I have all the timeline right as well.

But you then added a yard sign, “Trump is a fascist”, which you just indicated you feel that way, “and you are complicit,” and I want to ask you about those specifically because Justice Alito says that those specific signs, you are a fascist and — I’m sorry, “Trump is a fascist and you are complicit” were, quote, directed at his wife. Were they?

BADEN: Yeah. No, no. So January 6th was a dark day for our democracy. And I think people have all ideologies feel that way. We all saw this direct threat to our democracy and it was chilling.

And so, my putting up a sign that says “Trump is a fascist” because I believe that he’s a self-proclaimed fascist and “you are complicit” — you includes everyone. It includes everybody in the GOP who, you know, endorsed this or didn’t say anything against it, or Trump himself, who said, you know, standby and just — it’s to everyone.

And I also think it’s to, you know, people on my side of the spectrum. It’s like, what are we really doing to hold these people accountable for this attempted coup and insurrection? Like we need to do more, I feel like.

BURNETT: And so — okay, so now let me get to the upside down American flag because — and you go through this in a bit of detail because I think here is where your point about what he is alleging happened here does not comport with the timeline.

So the flag is flying. Justice Alito says his wife flew it because she was, quote, greatly distressed by her disputes with you. And in a letter just explaining his motivation to put up the flag, he says, and I quote him again, Emily: A house on the street displayed a sign attacking her personally. I guess that’s the “you are complicit” or, you know, that you were just talking about, but that you said it was not directed at her.

And a man who was living in the house at the time trailed her all the way down the street and berated her in my presence using foul language, including what I regard as the vilest epithet that can be addressed to a woman, which is the C word.

Now, let me just break this down, Emily, you say it was you who said those things. It was not your now husband. But you say Alito is lying here for another very basic reason.

Can you explain?

BADEN: So I — at best, he’s mistaken, but at worst, he’s just outright lying.

And there was a neighbor who even — who even witnessed this and witnessed me using that unfortunate term. And what else I said in that interaction is so important and I hope it’s not getting forgotten in the discourse around the word.

In that interaction, she approached us, started screaming at us, used all of our full names, which to me felt like a threat because you’re a stranger. We don’t know. You don’t know us. How do you know our full names?

And I just — I started yelling, how dare you — because they both were there at the same time. So, I said, how dare you? You’re on the highest court in the land. You represent the Supreme Court of the United States.

You’re behaving this way. You’re yelling at a neighbor. You’re harassing us. How dare you? Shame on you.

And I did use the word. So if that in any way, you know, distracts from that real message, I do regret —

BURNETT: Right. Yeah.

BADEN: — using the word because the message is important. It’s like the power imbalance between these people and me, I am — I’m nobody to them.

BURNETT: I mean, it’s — so I want to ask you about one other thing. Around this time, the Alito security detail started doing something that you perceived as threatening. They have a security detail and something specific happened.

What was it?

BADEN: Yeah. So they have a security detail that parks in front of their house or like in front of the house across the street from them. We are four or five houses away, and sometimes that detail would be in front of our house, which — you know, obviously, I can’t say for sure. I don’t know what their motivation was.

But we did take it as intimidating, especially when that same car reappeared in front of our house the day “The New York Times” article came out. And I don’t know what else were supposed to get from that.

BURNETT: But you certainly felt — you certainly felt threatened.

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