Allan Lichtman Reminds Us All: 'Debates Are Not Predictive Of Outcomes'

Allan Lichtman is an American University Professor who was Harvard trained in history and quantitative methods. He has used that training to create something called the “The Keys To The White House” which is sometimes referred to as the “13 keys.” Read more about the 13 Keys here.

He, like tens of millions of Americans, watched the debate on Thursday night. As we have all heard by now, America (and the world, in fact) is worried. Biden did look slower than usual, which I personally think was attributable to his cold and possibly a dose of cold medicine. I also think it is clear that they muted his mic a bit, set him up with a camera that never got him straight on (unlike Trump) and the lights were so bright, that Trump looked normal color and Biden looked almost translucent.

The good news is that one debate does not decide an election. This is not just me saying it – this is a historian who actually tracks this stuff over decades. And he seems to know what he is talking about. Watch the above clip of Professor Lichtman politely pushing back on CNN’s dream of a race where they can push one candidate out and keep the lying, racist, bigot on the other side.


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