Apple now considers its first HomePod to be 'vintage'

I went to a museum recently that had a range of iPods and early generation iPhones on display — it was horrifying. Now, Apple is responsible for my shock, thanks to the new items added its vintage and obsolete products list on July 1. The tech giant has put the first generation HomePod on its list of vintage products. Apple typically labels a product as “vintage” if its been out of distribution for at least five years — however, Apple only discontinued the HomePod three years ago. These products can still get repaired, as long as parts are available.

Apple first announced the HomePod in June 2017 and released it the following February for $349. The device offered an A8 chip, high-quality audio and compatibility with Apple’s ecosystem, such as AirPlay.

The first-gen HomePod isn’t the only notable item added to the vintage list. Apple has declared its original AirPods as a vintage commodity. AirPods first came on the scene in December 2016 for $159 and has since evolved into multiple generations and a Pro model. After seven years, Apple will label both the first-gen HomePod and AirPods as obsolete, meaning the company discontinues all hardware service for them.

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