Biden-Harris Campaign Hits Trump For Lie-Filled Unhinged Rally

Most of the media may not be paying attention to just how crazy Trump sounds at these rallies he’s been holding, but the Biden-Harris campaign has definitely been paying attention.

Following the hit job on Joe Biden where almost all of our both-siderist corporate media latched onto the ageist report from Trump flack special counsel Robert Hur, the campaign decided to hit back at Dementia Donny on Xitter with some fact-checking and some highlights, or low-lights if you will, from his remarks at an NRA rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania this Friday.

They highlighted the clip above, where Trump was bragging about appointing the Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe, and they also hit Trump for the number of lies he told:



Here’s more from their team, which I hope show up in campaign ads later if our lazy media won’t bother to let people know that one of the candidates that wants to be president is and sounds nuts, and has more than just a few cognitive issues of his own.

I’m not hopeful the media will start reporting on what goes on at these rallies and just how insane they are, but in case they finally decide to start doing their jobs, Ben Meiselas had a nice summation here of that normally happens that should horrify most sane people:

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