Brian Kilmeade Whitesplains Slave Ownership: Part One Gazillion

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade appeared on Real America’s Voice on The Charlie Kirk Show on Monday to explain how slave ownership wasn’t all that bad, and that the widely acclaimed TV show ‘Roots,’ was so well-received that it proves that Americans aren’t held back from learning the real history of this country.

“But for the most part, we are a country that was born, like every other country, every continent had slaves,” Kilmeade said out loud. “In the South, most houses, most plantations had slaves. Nobody condones it. But without those slave owners, we don’t have a country. So you make your choice.”

He left out this part: Without the slaves, we wouldn’t have had much of a country. White people would have had to actually work hard, instead of beating slaves into submission.

“Because the 1619 Project was the formal first salvo,” he claimed. “I mean, I’m older than you, and in 1976, I was in grade school, and they launched this thing called Roots, the most successful miniseries ever, averaged 60 million a night. It was the story of slavery and all its brutality.”

“Nobody was ever ducking our past,” Kilmeade continued. “I don’t know what people were talking about. And no one ever said, oh, segregation, not that bad. Slavery, well, it happens.”

“Nobody, Republican or Democrat, especially because most of these people were Democrats, they kept on pushing to keep it and tried to almost reinstall it in the 20th century,” he added. “Having said that, we’ve come a long way.”

No, he has not “come a long way.” Sure thing, Brian, now explain why The Color Purple was banned. The book was banned in 1984 for its sexual content and situations of abuse and domestic violence. It was pretty amazing to watch at the movies in 1985, though. Roots aired in 1977. We haven’t come a long way. We went from Roots to banning The Color Purple.

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