BRILLIANT! Swalwell Uses Gaetz & Jordan's OWN WORDS To BRUTALIZE Them

Eric Swalwell is a master at messaging. At positively messaging Democratic accomplishments, at negatively messaging Republican failures and so much more.

In this video reminds us of so many important things we must do to win the battle of ideas–don’t let them silence you, aggressively remind people Trump is a felon, use repetition so people remember, use props to help people understand, make it spicey (Gaetz’ alleged “sex trafficking) and make horrible people (Trump, Gaetz, Jordan) the face of the GOP, don’t let Republicans ever make a charge without pointing out their hypocrisy (Jim Jordan wanting to subpoena people when he refused his Jan 6th subpoena).

Swalwell also does it with confidence, aggressiveness, ie strength. He delivers an old fashioned ass-kicking and all Dems would do well to watch and learn. So check out the video!

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