CNN Host Calls Out Byron Donalds’ Lies On Black Employment

CNN host Abby Phillip refused to put up with Rep. Byron Donald’s continual false analysis trying to claim that Black Americans fare better with Trump when facts clearly point to Biden.

It’s striking to me that this conversation about the family, about who is the recipient of government benefits, about who was affected by Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society, why is it that that conversation only happens to black people?

When white people are on welfare, when white people are recipients of these programs, too, when white people have broken families as well, why is this a message that is always directed at Black Americans?

I didn’t say that at all.

I think that’s what you’re insinuating.

But let me— I mean, that’s what you did.

You were trying to recruit Black voters for President Trump.

After getting clobbered, the Florida Congressman claimed that Black Americans suffered more under President Johnson even after the Voting Rights Act was passed.

Rep. Donalds then put on his robe and MAGA hood and continued.

And where we are today in America is trying to have the economic policies and the public policies so that all people can thrive.

And if you’re actually going to compare economic policies and public policies between the 45th president and the 46th president, it’s without question they were better under the 45th.

Well, look, I mean, Congressman— So if you’re going to examine today— The black unemployment rate was the lowest— But, Abby, if you’re going to examine today in America, and where we’re going as Americans— Again, I’m going to interrupt you.

I’m going to interrupt you on the facts, Congressman.

I’m going to interrupt you on the facts, the right set of economic policies and the right set of public policies.

I mean, Abby, you’ve been interrupting me the entire interview.

I’m just trying to have a conversation.

I’m going to interrupt you on the facts, Congressman.

The Black unemployment rate was the lowest in American history under Joe Biden, just last year.

The poverty rate for Black people is the lowest under Joe Biden.

So you cannot say empirically for Black people that from a financial level, things were better under Trump.

There are other ways that you can make this case but you cannot say that.

Republicans just say whatever they want to prop up Felon45, truth be damned.

Interrupting and correcting them is all you can do.

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