CNN Moderator Hit Over Lack Of Fact-Checking During Debate

CNN’s Dana Bash asked Rep. Jim Clyburn about Joe Biden’s (you knew this was coming) ability to lead the country following the debate between the President and the felon. Most of us were appalled to learn there would be no fact-checking during the debate. But the one guy who was happy about it was the serial-lying former President. He took victory laps over it on Truth Social. And how do you debate a gish-galloping prolific liar? Bash also asked about the potential for another debate.

“I think that Joe Biden will do well with the debate,” Clyburn said. “I think it all depends on what the rules are.”

“I don’t like a debate where nobody will do any fact-checking. You just say what you want to say; you know it’s a lie,” he continued. “The guy told 30-some-odd lies and nobody checked him on it and said that was up to Joe Biden to do.”

“If I ask you a question and you lie to me with the answer, I ought to follow up and give you what the facts are and see what your reaction to that will be,” the South Carolina Democrat explained. “So that, to me, was not the way to plan the debate. And whoever did that and agreed to that really should think about what they’re doing.”

“Yeah, OK. Well, it was a debate agreed to by President Biden first, who proposed this debate,” Bash said.

Again, only one man and his supporters were thrilled at the concept of Trump going on for the entire debate without being called on his lies.

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