Cosmo City and Church of Scientology The Wage War Against Drugs

Ms. Nosipho Hashe, the founder NSH Youth Development, company’s founder NSH Youth Development, organized an event designed to educate youngsters about the dangers of drugs and help them take their own choices.

MIDRAND, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, March 27, 2023 / LinkDaddy News / Ms. Nosipho Hashe, founder of a non-profit organization known as NSH Youth Development from Cosmo City was recently involved in an event that aimed to impart the necessary information about drugs to young people so that they can make their own informed choices regarding the use of drugs. In addition, as a desire to help youngsters, she also gave them with “Tools for Living” to help them acquire the necessary skills for an amazing life.

In Cosmo City, young people are being enticed by drugs at an early age. Some begin to take drugs as young as age 8. We must help them quit using drugs, and at least, stop them from getting hooked”
–. Nosipho Hashe

sponsors-and-participants-of-thBewildered by the issue of addiction to drugs and the numerous ills it has caused throughout the community, particularly among young people Mrs. Hashe, herself a Scientology Volunteer Minister has decided to take this bull on the toes. With Tools for Life, Tools to Live and realizing that she has the tools to “do something to stop it” that is the mantra that the volunteers follow – she has called Scientology’s Church of Scientology asking additionally about their drug-awareness program that will tackle the ever-present issue of drug abuse that is a constant threat to the citizens of Cosmo City.

Mrs. Hashe was then introduced to Drug-Free World and started the online course. Then she organized an initial drug awareness event together in conjunction with the Church of Scientology, Drug-Free World as well as The South African National Civic Organization (SANCO) as well as other small-scale businesses in Cosmo City that supported the event.

Mrs. Nosipho Hashe said about the reason for the event “We would like to stop the use of drugs. This is our primary goal. In Cosmo City, many children are hooked on drugs at a young age. Some begin to take drugs as young as age eight. We must help them quit using drugs, or, ideally, prevent the addiction from ever beginning.”

youth-of-cosmo-city-learning-thThe evening began with live performances by local artists as well as motivational speakers, and an ex-addict who spoke about her experience, which led to representatives from Drug-Free World and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. Drug-Free World volunteer presented the award. Drug-Free World volunteer presented the Truth About Drugs brochure and talked about the importance of educating children with an understanding of drugs. Books were handed out to everyone who attended, and they devoured them.

Mrs. Hashe was thrilled with the services that Drug-Free World delivered. “Thank you for everything! Your Drug-Free World presentation was beautiful. The Truth About Drugs information is crucial to me as well as all the participants of NSH Youth Development. We are excited to work along with you.” She was also provided with a booklet to distribute to fellow members of her organization.

Security services company, Lonwabo Guard and Security Services were present as a sponsor for the event. They were amazed by The Truth About Drugs and commented, “Thank you so much for all the work you’re doing for Drug-Free World! We are very intrigued by the program. We’re also keen to give these Truth About Drugs booklets to all of our employees to allow us all to take part in the effort.” They were also provided with additional copies.

A teenager who attended, satisfied to be a part of Drug-Free World, said. “I’m thrilled to own” The Truth About Drugs booklet! However, I’m more thrilled that to know that someone is interested in us, our youth to spread this knowledge regarding the dangers of drugs.”

This Drug-Free World talk was followed by a discussion of Scientology’s Scientology volunteers Ministers campaign, including The Tools for Life written by L. Ron Hubbard. As a complete set of life skills to enable youth to make changes and inspire others to change and improve the standard of living as well as productivity and employability.

A Secretary from SANCO Mr. Roger Manabele wanted to learn details about the Tools for Life program. When informed by the volunteers that they had coached everyone in the Port Elizabeth chapter of SANCO Manabele replied, “That sounds like something we also need! We’re focused on community programs and social enhancement So this Tools for Life will be beneficial to all of us.” The Scientologists have promised to assist.

Mrs. Hashe was highly satisfied with the result of the evening. “I am ecstatic that numerous participants and sponsors attended the event, supporting the effort. We plan to hold an enormous drug awareness event every quarter to have the most visible impact on our communities. We will also visit local parks where kids are smoking substances. We aim to encourage every child and young person to stop using drugs or to not begin abusing drugs at all and to pursue their goals. We will also equip young people with the necessary skills to become entrepreneurs. This is the point where Tools for Life training comes into. We must educate children, parents, and youth on the subject of drugs and how to get off drugs to build a drug-free community.”

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Church of Scientology South Africa
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