Dark Brandon Is Going To Be At The RNC Convention

While Felon Trump wouldn’t hesitate for a second to throw his MAGA Republicans under a bus, Dark Brandon will be there to give them a ride on a bus:

A week before the Republican National Convention’s launch in Milwaukee, the Democratic National Committee is outfitting 57 buses with ads boosting Democratic President Joe Biden and targeting Republican former President Donald Trump.

There are seven wraps altogether, four of which feature the “Dark Brandon” meme — an illustration of Biden with laser eyes playing off the right-wing “Let’s Go Brandon” chant (meant as code for “F— Joe Biden”).

Slogans on the “Dark Brandon” buses include “Restore Roe? Vote for Joe!!” and “Get On Board, Folks. We’re Lowering Prescription Drug Costs.”

The anti-Trump buses include notes that the former president is a convicted felon and a quote from a 2023 interview he did with Newsmax: “I’m the one that got rid of Roe v. Wade.”

The DNC will also have billboards plastered around town, so no matter where the Republicans go in the city, Dark Brandon will be there.

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