Dem Derails Fox News Segment On Hunter Biden: 'Inconsistency On The Right'

Democratic strategist Laura Fink turned a Fox News segment about Hunter Biden into an indictment of former President Donald Trump.

During the Sunday segment about Biden’s trial and related addiction problems, Fink noted that the president’s son would be held accountable before shifting the topic to Trump.

“The inconsistency, of course, on the right with respect to this issue is wild,” she explained. “And we talk about the entire justice system being rigged, and Joe Biden is supposed to be the grand puppeteer. The fact of the matter is that’s not resonating with voters and because it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Fink pointed to the jury that convicted Trump as evidence that Biden was not behind the result.

“There was a jury of his peers that convicted Donald Trump of 34 charges,” she said. “He is a convicted felon because the teacher, the nurse, the respiratory therapist, the banker all looked at the evidence that was presented to them regardless of the political way.”

“There was evidence, and they believed uniformly that these crimes took place. It was an unequivocal verdict I think that’s something that all Americans should should trust.”

Right-wing pundit Ben Domenech insisted that voters did not trust the judicial system, citing Trump’s steady poll numbers following the verdict.

“I disagree with you there because I think that if, in fact, voters, especially independent voters, believe that this was a situation that was completely above board and not motivated by partisan interest, then I think you would have seen a dramatic shift in terms of the poll evidence after this conviction,” he remarked.

Fox News anchor Howard Kurtz did not give Fink a chance to respond.

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