Dems Want Clarence Thomas’ Free Trips To Russia Investigated

I recently posted about Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse and Ron Wyden’s demand for a special counsel to criminally investigate the suspected millions of dollars worth of cash and gifts Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has hoovered up without bothering to disclose to the public. “This conduct likely violates the Ethics in Government Act,” the senators wrote in their 16-page letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

It turns out that two of those suspected freebies involve trips to Russia. The Daily Beast noticed that on page 14 of the letter, a list of “likely undisclosed gifts and income” from Thomas’ Hitler-curious benefactor, Harlan Crow, includes a yacht trip to Russia and a helicopter ride to St. Petersburg.

Chris Hayes had a good discussion with Sen. Whitehouse about the requested criminal investigation. During this interview, Hayes guessed that Garland “will blow you off,” as Whitehouse smiled in tacit agreement. Then Hayes suggested that President Joe Biden could, given the latest Supreme Court ruling on immunity, instruct the DOJ to investigate Thomas. “I don’t think this is the right way to go,” Hayes said. But he didn’t seem like he’d be too upset if it came about, either.

Given that Thomas sided with the majority on the Trump immunity decision, I can’t think of a more delicious outcome.

Whatever does or does not happen, I think it’s great that Democrats are doing something. At the very least, sends the right message to Thomas and the Supreme Court and it keeps this important issue in the news. And who knows? Maybe Garland will actually do something.

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