Don Trump Jr. Blames Biden For ISIS Attack On Russia

Sounding like one of his nostrils is closed so his voice had high-pitched whine to it, Donald Trump, Junior claimed on his Rumble podcast that because of the border issues here, that has reconstituted ISIS to full capacity, which led them to attack Russia.

Was this drug-infused twisted logic?

“They are ignoring the crisis at the border. This is newly relevant due to the rise of ISIS,” Jr claimed. “ISIS was behind the attack in Moscow, apparently, that killed over a hundred and thirty people.”

This is Joe Biden’s only accomplishment, putting ISIS back in business,” he lied. “That’s Joe Biden’s claim. Joe Biden has done nothing for America, but he’s put ISIS back on the map. My father demolished them, and now they are back due to Joe Biden’s incompetence.”

Traitor Trump proclaimed ISIS was 100% defeated in Syria in 2019, but offered up no proof as usual. Taking territories once occupied by ISIS does not mean they have been eradicated. Trump’s national security advisor at the time, John Bolton. said “the ISIS threat will remain.”

How did the US border reconstitute never-destroyed ISIS? Who knows. There’s no way I’d want to peer inside Jr’s brain cell and figure it out.

Traitor mini-Trump, like his father and like any wannabe gangster, takes the charges against them and then reverses them on their rivals. It’s all pure projection.

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