Elon Musk Goes All In On Great Replacement Theory

Musk was apparently stirred to yesterday’s bit of Ku Klux Klan rhetoric when he joined the right-wing poutrage over a group of immigrants who beat a police officer in New York.

He explicitly used the great replacement theory, which is a staple of white supremacy, to influence the 2024 election in a tweet that is currently pinned to his feed:

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t condone any violence whatsoever against anyone. But to use this event as an excuse to endorse and promote white supremacy makes as little sense as using the immigration of one lying, antisemitic, racist, disinforming immigrant from apartheid South Africa as a demand to bar all South Africans from coming into the U.S.

But we already knew Musk wants to further poison our national discourse with his extremist views.

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