Even Newsmax Admits Hur Tapes Are Political Tactic To Smear Biden

Newsmax host Rob Finnerty actually called Rep. Andy Biggs to the carpet over Republicans’ fixation on obtaining the Robert Hur Tapes for the sole purpose of trying to embarrass President Biden.

Rep. Biggs was named by Trumper Ali Alexander as helping to plan the January 6th, “Stop The Steal,” rally that led to the infamous insurrection at the US Capitol.

As a member of Congress who helped foment treason, he will do anything to continue to overthrow and undermine this president.

FINNERTY: Can we admit that, for Republicans, this is definitely political? We want the tapes so we can find out if there’s something embarrassing for the President on there that can then be used against him over the next five months. Can we admit that?


OMG. A BIG Lie right off the bat.

Biggs is so corrupt, in his attempt to claim it’s not politics, he explains that it actually is all about politics.

BIGGS: Look, there’s a political aspect to it, but it’s more than that. If you have the person who is supposed to be the leader of the free world who cannot actually form cognitive thought and he gets lost, that’s a danger to the country and the entire world.

That’s not just a political statement. What that is, is a policy statement.

Who’s actually running the country? That leads us to ask, is this an oligarchical type of government right now, or is it the constitutional Republicans intended to be?

This is QAnon garbage. It’s plain to any sane person the only candidate who has cognitive issues is convicted felon Trump.

FINNERTY: Right, but Congressman, you would agree that it’s political just in the sense that this is going to benefit Republicans, and let’s say you get this three plus hours of audio recordings and there’s something really embarrassing that Merrick Garland and his team cleaned up, although Merrick Garland yesterday said he hasn’t even listened to the tapes.

Your colleague, Scott Fitzgerald, asked him about that, and I was stunned that he hadn’t even listened to them himself, but let’s say there’s something embarrassing.

You’re going to make that public, right?

BIGGS: Absolutely.

Republicans have no party platform other than to lie, cheat, and create conspiracies out of thin air.

The claim that Biden “isn’t running the country” or “is incapable of speaking coherently” has been flattened since the 2020 election cycle began. Trump looked foolish in the 2020 debate.

MAGA are like cockroaches that never let a lie die.

When Newsmax calls you out for it, you know you have problems.

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