'Judge' Jeanine Pirro Confuses Bonds With Penalties In Civil Case

This is Fox’s sorry excuse for a “legal analyst.” Here’s “judge” Jeanine Pirro conflating the civil penalties needed to post bond for an appeal in Trump’s civil fraud case with bond being posted in criminal cases. Pirro also lied that Judge Engoron just pulled a number “out of the sky” to hit Trump with for his civil fraud case in New York, disregarding any reporting about the specifics of how the judge arrived at that number.

Here’s how Pirro opened things up on this Monday’s The Five while discussing the bond being lowered for Trump in New York:

PIRRO: The $175 million bond uh… which certainly is appropriate, because there was absolutely no connection between the $475 million and I think it’s a half a billion at this point with the interest, that Engoron just pulled out of the sky and said I’m going to hit Donald Trump for that.

And, you know, they’re just disappointed because they wanted to call him broke Don and he’s not broke Don anymore. He’s going make that $175 million bond.

Now, it is conditioned, of course, upon his perfecting his appeal by September.

That means he’s got to have all his appellate work in the Appellate Division First Department, which rendered this decision reducing the bond. But I want to just, Dana, because I looked this up, when Sam Bankman-Fried, who apparently conned something like a million dollars or a millions victims, his bond was $250 million.

Bernie Madoff had 40,000 victims. His bond was $10 million. Donald Trump, no victims, half a billion dollars. I mean I don’t know where those people from the other stations are learning the law or what they’re talking about, but look, there’s no harm no foul that’s the end of it.

No one relied to their detriment on anything. No one lost a dime. Donald trump is a whale client. Everybody who comes in with him makes money with him.

It’s not a “victimless crime” and the claim that “Everybody who comes in with him makes money with him.” is laughable. Apparently she’s not too familiar with all of his bankruptcies, or that he’s got a long record of stiffing his contractors.

The RNC and the entire Republican party are about to find out the hard way what it means to do business with Trump. Keep paying his legal bills and draining your coffers for him you chumps.

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