Klan Mom Marge Says Mike Johnson Needs An Exorcism

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, the QAnon Klan mom of Georgia, described the House Republican Caucus as a Banana Republic, and claimed Speaker Johnson needs to be exorcised from his demons.

Greene is just as nasty as she was yesterday. She starts off by complaining about Johnson’s leadership and bringing in Alvin Bragg to be questioned by Congress.

(I could have written three articles based on this psychotic rant alone.)

Greene: He said we are going to take action power of the person our appropriation bills but Steve our appropriation bills don’t mean shit unless the Speaker of the House has the balls to walk into the Four Corners meeting and walk into the White House and say I’m going to shut down the government unless you pass these bills.

That’s what our Speaker of the House needs to be doing right now because, Steve, our country is gone.

We are post-constitution, and that’s because the Democrats in New York, the state of New York, convicted President Trump of 34 felony counts that are fake charges and nothing but a political attack and lies, and Steve, I’m done.

Is she quitting? Greene’s ignorance grows exponentially each and every day.

I came to Washington this week hoping and praying that I would see a new Republican conference, a Republican conference that understands the war that has happened in this party, a war where not a single shot has been fired but this is a literal war.

We have a banana Republic.

Greene helped turn Republicans into a joke.

Take a bow, Marge.

MAGA is a cult version of Anita Bryant’s hate, racism, homophobia and autocracy.

We’re no longer a serious country but what I wanted to hear in our conference today is that we were going to shut down the government and demand that the state of New York turn over these convictions.

Ever hear of extortion, Marge? Please quit Congress.

Shutting down the federal government to get a state to overturn thirty-four felony convictions is basically a criminal act.

Marge is so unaware of anything of reality outside of her cranium, she couldn’t care less that she’d hurt millions of Americans in hundreds of different ways shutting down the government. .

We want them turned over but you want to know something? No.

Republicans up here in Washington just want to toss it over to the Supreme Court and say the Supreme Court needs to do their job and they need to stop all of this mess. Will we be shutting down the government at midnight on the 30th of September in a couple of months?

I have no idea.

I mean we’re we’re going to have to literally have an exorcism of Mike Johnson and get the demons out of him so that he can think clearly again and and stand up to Joaquin Jeffries and stand up to Chuck Schumer and tell tell Joe Biden to go kiss his ass.

I mean this is we we need a complete change of mindset in Republicans in Washington DC and I didn’t see it today.

Democrats need to retake the House so miscreants like Rep. Greene will not be allowed to hijack hearings and act like a twelve-year-old who is upset mommy won’t let play in the sandbox anymore.

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