Late Night Music Club: Bon Jovi, Legendary

Bon Jovi just released the official of Legendary, the first new song that he’s done in four years. It will be on the yet-to-released album Forever, which is scheduled to come out on June 7.

Fun fact: The part of the chorus that refers to the brown eyed girl is in tribute to his wife:

Bon Jovi’s particularly proud of “Legendary,” which he co-wrote with longtime collaborators Billy Falcon and John Shanks. “The brown-eyed girl, which of course is a Van Morrison nod, but not in this instance. It’s my wife,” Bon Jovi explains. “She has been there faithfully throughout this process: ‘And the brown-eyed girl/ She believes in me / Legendary.’ There it is. That’s who and what I am at 62 years old.”

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