MAGA Lawmaker Denies Opposing Border Bill To Appease Trump

CBS58 reporter A.J. Bayhatpour interviewed Representative Tom Tiffany (MAGA – Trump’s left cheek) and asked him if he opposed the border security bill because Trump came out against it. Tiffany’s reply was complete denial and then a push for the House GOP bill from last spring, which mandated wasting more money on Trump’s ineffective wall:

“Oh, none of it! I know many people are trying to portray it that way but I helped write this bill. I wrote the immigration – helped write the immigration parole part of HR 2 back in May. We’ve put together a very good bill that was a compromise bill in the House of Representatives to be able to secure the border. We’ve got the bill already passed through the House. It sits in the Senate as we speak. All the Senate has to do is pass it and we will have a secure border.

One would think that the very fact that the Senate negotiated their own bill and planned to send it to the House would be a pretty definite sign that they weren’t going to pass the House’s bill from a year ago. But Tiffany doesn’t have anything else to go on since the Mango Moron only told him that they need to kill the border bill in order to help his reelection bid. And to be honest, Tiffany doesn’t have the ability to think on his feet at all.

Oh, and Mr. Tiffany, you might want to do something about your trousers. They appear to be ablaze.

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