MAGA Pastor Burns: Border Needs Fence Because Heaven Has A Wall

Trump supporting Pastors say some of the most horrific things about migrants, and are their comfortable misusing and misquoting Bible verses to do so.

Mark Burns is one of the worst.

If there’s a wall in heaven, if there’s a gate, we call it the pearly gates in heaven, right?

And not everybody can go there.

There has to be certain qualifications to enter inside the heavenly gates.

And so part of the, and the number one way to enter into the heavenly gates, the pearly gates, the Bible says, is the belief in the Lord Jesus Christ to accept him as our Lord and savior.

John chapter three, verse 16, he that, and so we know without a shadow of a doubt, if heaven has a gate, if heaven has qualifications to enter it, to accept Jesus as our Lord and our savior, knowing that he died on the cross and he rose three days later, and he’s coming back again for his church, we the church, then there should be a wall or a gate here in the United States of America.

Burns is another creep that misrepresents his own biography.

I wrote this about MAGA Burns on September 22, 2020.

We’ve covered Burns multiple times.

This is what the Evangelical movement is all about. Any person that leans left is a demon from hell. Anyone that supports Trump’s racist and horrific narcissism is an angel in service of the Lord.

To this political observer, they want chaos, violence and war if need be to fulfill their religious takeover of the United States of America. Evangelicals originally made up the majority of the Tea Party movement in 2009, after Barack Obama was elected. When Traitor Trump showed up in 2015, they became more radicalized and formed the MAGA cult.

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