Michigan Republican Goes Directly To The 'Find Out' Stage

Late last week, Michigan State Representative Josh Schriver, a white supremcacist and Christian Nationalist, reposted a graphic on Xitter which promoted the Great Replacement Conspiracy. The backlash was immediate with Governor Gretchen Whitmer and even other Republican lawmakers rebuking him and condemning the racist tweet. Instead of manning up and apologizing, Schriver doubled down on his hate.

On Monday, Schriver woke up and found himself in the middle of Find Out City:

In response, Michigan House Speaker Joe Tate (D) said he would not allow the House to be a forum for “racist, hateful and bigoted speech” and removed Schriver from a committee and directed the House Business Office to oversee his staff members.

“Representative Schriver has a history of promoting debunked theories and dangerous rhetoric that jeopardizes the safety of Michigan residents and contributes to a hostile and uncomfortable environment for others,” Tate said.

Speaking to the Detroit News, Tate said he’s “opposed to racists, race baiters and victim politics.”

For his part, Schriver denies that he is a racist because there is no gospel teaching racism. Yeah, well, he might be right. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of Christian Nationalists and white supremacists who use the gospel to try to justify their hate and racism.

The only question is how long the Michigan GOP will limp along with an ineffective lawmaker. Given the current state of the Michigan GOP, however, I think Schriver has nothing to worry about right now.

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