Moskowitz: Comer Needs To Take A Mental Health Day

Representative Jared Moskowitz joined Chris Hayes to talk about James Comer’s meltdown on Tuesday when Moskowitz dared to ask about Comer’s own dealings with his brother.

Moskowitz points out that the GOP has been showing a steady decline in their vision, their ability to lead and their own mental stability since January 6th and they aren’t showing any signs of trying to pull out of their downward spiral.

If the Chairman is listening, I think he needs a mental health day. They have such thin skin. These Republicans, they like to dish it out, but, man, they just cannot take it. You know, he’s been going on TV day in and day out about the brother, about the President, and they did business together, when he wasn’t in office by the way. And as soon as there’s an article written that the Chairman is doing the exact same thing, All I did was ask the Chairman to explain it and he just totally lost it.

I needed Bernie Sanders to be like, “Sit down, Mr. Chairman!” and put him in his seat. But you saw it. He’s been running hearings all year and his own witnesses have said that there’s nothing there on Joe Biden, there’s nothing for impeachment. And yet, they want to continue this day in and day out. So I’m glad the Chairman exposed himself today..

I would add that Moskowitz does a fairly passable imitation of Sanders.

After watching people like Comer, McCarthy and Mullin yesterday, it’s a lot easier to understand how people could develop a fear of clowns.

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