Newsmax Pundit Kicks Trump's Jan 6 Hail Mary Motion: 'Doomed To Fail'

Constitutional attorney Bruce DelValle said Donald Trump’s attempt to remove language about Jan. 6 from his election subversion case was always “doomed to fail.”

Newsmax asked DelValle to comment on Sunday, just days after U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan ruled that language about Jan. 6 would not be stricken from Trump’s indictment.

“I think it is a very difficult, in fact, I know it is a very difficult thing to get information stricken from an indictment in a criminal case, and it’s difficult in a civil case,” the attorney said. “It was a long shot motion. It was a motion that I think that had more PR dressing than legal dressing. I don’t know that they ever thought that they would win.”

“Everyone knows it’s about January 6th,” he added. “And the issues will be whether they can prove President Trump was involved in a culpable manner. I don’t think they’re going to be able to prove that. But I think President Trump’s effort, this legal effort, was doomed to fail at the beginning.”

“You simply can’t strike out language that the prosecutor thinks is important, because that’s what the trial’s about.”

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