'Not True': Fox News Destroys Trump Claim Of 'Unprecedented' Fraud Bond

Fox News host Eric Shawn pointed out that Donald Trump’s claim that his New York fraud bond is unprecedented was simply “not true.”

During an interview with former federal prosecutor Alex Little, Shawn noted that Trump had repeatedly made the claim about the $545 million bond.

“We’ve also heard there’s a lot of talk about this is unprecedented amount of money,” Shawn explained on Sunday. “This has never happened before. But that’s actually not true.”

“This is from Letitia James, the attorney general’s own court papers on the show to right now,” he continued. There have been bigger bonds in the history book from one billion dollars to one and a half billion dollars. That was a Carnegie Mellon patent case.”

“What is the argument that this has never been this big for a private company while there have been billion-dollar bonds secured before?” Shawn wondered.

“Yeah, I think that, you know, it’s certainly true there’ve been large bonds,” Little agreed. “The purpose of the bond is to secure those funds for the plaintiff here, the state of New York, at the end of the appeal to make sure they can collect.”

“And so it says, hey, if you’re if you’re a defendant, you want to appeal, you can do that,” he added. But we have to make sure to save the money in case the plaintiff gets to collect it. And so the bond is huge.”

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