Pathetic Kevin McCarthy Projects His Own Failure Onto Hakeem Jeffries

The worst House Speaker in 140 years, Kevin McCarthy attacked Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries with a bizarre analogy that applies more to himself that anyone else.

McCarthy joined hack Kayleigh McEnany on Fox News and offered up his moronic opinions on the House Minority leader.

McEnany: You have represented Republicans, and I read in Political Playbook, part of the job when you’re in leadership is to make tough decisions and to listen to your members.

And I immediately thought about Hakeem Jeffries, someone we haven’t heard from. He was on a two-hour call yesterday. Some of his members said it’s time for Joe Biden to step aside. What do you predict Hakeem Jeffries, House Minority Leader, does in this moment?

McCarthy: Hakeem hates to make a decision. He’ll never make a fast decision. He’s doing exactly what he normally does, nothing.

Jeffries helped save Speaker Johnson’s tenure in May.

McCarthy: You know, there’s two types of leaders.

You’re either a thermometer or a thermostat.

A thermostat can tell you the temperature and change it.

Hakeem’s a thermometer.

He sits and lets the caucus decide where to go. And that’s why you’re seeing it on the House.

A lot of members come out against Biden. And in the Senate, you really don’t have much.

Not strong leadership, and he’ll let the caucus get in front of him instead of stepping in

McEnany breathlessly wanted to hear from this court jester.

McCarthy was embarrassed by his own party when he agreed to bend the knee to the Freedom Caucus just to win the speakership to that took 15 votes.

It took one clown to oust this idiot.

How did he lead lead his own caucus? To frakking ruin.

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