Polls Sink As Trump Keeps Babbling Conspiracies

Trump poll numbers among all-important independents look abysmal, Morning Joe says.

“We’re going to show you a poll that ABC did along with Ipsos which points that fact out, Mika, in one second. I do want to go to Ed Luce, though. Ed, I was not watching because i do my best not to watch live Donald Trump,” Scarborough said. (I feel you, Joe!)

“I will go back, then I’ll look at it later or read about it. Or any people who are going to spew lies for as long as he did. But I started getting texts from people on the biden campaign that I know, and they were like, thank God this trial is over. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Stay up there, Donald. Keep talking, Donald. Again, the idea that the Biden campaign or Joe Biden wanted Donald Trump locked down for six weeks, not going out, not sounding crazy, not sounding actually a lot crazier than he did four, five years ago, completely takes the wrong view of what’s going on here.

“The Biden campaign loved what they saw on Friday. Because they know what people on the inside of the Trump campaign know, and that is that Donald Trump is getting even crazier, even — when I say crazier, I mean angrier, more unmoored from reality, and the one thing he has completely stopped doing is asking, hey, what do you think of this? What do you think of that? He’s just completely raging and on his own,” Scarborough said.

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