Rep. Scott Perry Posts Anti-Semitic Image On Facebook

One of the members of the far right fringe Freedom Caucus posted a graphic depicting several anti-Semitic memes and was forced to remove it after the Jewish Insider reached out for comment.

Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) approvingly shared an antisemitic meme on his campaign’s Facebook page earlier this week, underscoring a broader pattern in which the Pennsylvania Republican has espoused conspiracy theories and used inflammatory rhetoric while in office.

“Says it all…,” Perry wrote on Tuesday in a comment he posted above the meme, which invokes several antisemitic tropes. The image depicts a scheming cabal of stereotypically Jewish bankers with hooked noses and thick beards gathered around a Monopoly board that sits atop the hunching backs of a group of naked figures.

The meme is also framed by two ominous lines of text. “If the people stand…,” it states, “…the game is over.”

Sharing that image on his campaign Facebook page is heinous.
I wonder what staffer he will blame for this outrage?

Men like Perry are not qualified to pick up garbage from the highway let alone be a US Congressman.

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