Rep. Tiffany Is Delusional With MAGA Swamp Fever

Representative Tom Tiffany was recently interviewed given the opportunity to give the GQP talking points on Real America’s Voice. Apparently, his objective was to justify the futile and flailing political hit job against President Joe Biden. What he accomplished was to prove that he was as batshit crazy as any other MAGAt.:

I believe in the greatness of this country.

I believe in our constitutional underpinnings.

I believe in the rule of law, and I will go to my grave believing that, and I will go to my grave fighting for that.

And that’s what I encourage every American to do, because sometimes do things go awry in America, are there miscarriages of justice? Yes, we have a history of it in America, but usually those things are righted, and we end up getting it right, and that’s what I hope that will happen. I mean, let’s go back to Hillary Clinton. Think about all the stuff that she did, bleach-beating computers, and you name it, all the stuff, Benghazi, whatever. And so a lot of people will say to me, she never was held accountable for the stuff that she did.

I believe she was in the ultimate accountability. The American people saw who she was, and they said, she cannot be president.

So there’s different ways that accountability happened, but we’re gonna continue to work at this, and you see it with the next step here, with the subpoenas of the Biden family and their associates, we are going to continue on this march towards the truth.

What Tiffany omits in his monologue is the fact that Clinton was subjected to numerous hearings and hours and hours of grilling and interrogation, yet the Republicans came up empty-handed, just like they are doing now.

The other thing that Tiffany glides past is the fact that Clinton won the popular vote in 2016. She only lost because of the archaic and obsolete electoral college.

But the real kicker is that while Tiffany is sitting their pontification about accountability, Tiffany also voted against impeaching TFG, the most egregiously criminal man to ever hold the office. Tiffany also voted to overturn the election and has repeated the Big Lie every chance he has gotten. I guess in Tiffany’s eyes, accountability is a two-tiered system.

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