Republicans Want To Rename Dulles Airport For Trump

File this story in the annals of “you can’t make this up.”

With many pressing issues facing House Republicans and this country, a small group of Republicans want to rename Washington Dulles International Airport after former President Trump.

I kid you not.

Rolling Stone reports, “The bill was introduced Friday by Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Pa.), and six cosponsors, and seeks to strip Washington Dulles International Airport of its namesake — Cold War-era Secretary of State John Foster Dulles — and rechristen it Donald J. Trump International Airport.”

These people are worse than suck-ups. Worse than miscreants.

These MAGA-loving congress critters want to ignore the fact that diminished Don didn’t try to overthrow the 2020 US election and the government. Instead, they actually want to reward him for it.

“Freedom. Prosperity. Strength. That’s what America stood for under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump — the best president of my lifetime”

Fascism. Payoffs. Crybaby.

That’s what America stood for under Trump’s leadership. Not to mention he advised Americans to drink bleach to fight COVID19.

By the way, Trump has been wanting an airport named after him since at least 2020.

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