RFK Jr. Apologizes For Super Bowl Ad He Still Has Pinned On His X Profile

Most people have at least one family member who they consider an embarrassment. Imagine if your last name was Kennedy, though, and the individual is a raging anti-vaxxer. An ad that aired during the Super Bowl imposed Robert F Kennedy Jr’s face over former President John F Kennedy’s, and his family was rightfully pissed since the controversial candidate is antithetical to everything JFK stood for.

Rolling Stone reports:

The ad is a retro-looking remake of a famous spot aired by President John F. Kennedy, called “Kennedy for Me” — using photos of RFK Jr. in place of pictures of his uncle. The ad comes after JFK’s grandson called RFK Jr.’s presidential campaign “an embarrassment,” saying that “he’s trading in on Camelot, celebrity conspiracy theories and conflict for personal gain and fame.

As Rolling Stone previously reported, the pro-RFK super PAC, American Values 2024, has been primarily funded by two people: the Kennedy campaign’s top security consultant and one of the biggest donors supporting former President Donald Trump’s 2024 bid.
Timothy Mellon, an heir to the Mellon banking fortune, has donated $15 million to the Kennedy outside group. He’s separately donated $10 million to Make America Great Again Inc., the pro-Trump super PAC.

He apologized. However, it doesn’t seem even remotely sincere since the $7 million ad is still pinned on his Twitter account profile.

I don’t think his bogus apology will change his family members’ minds.

As for anyone who has an embarrassing family member, at least we can say, “Yeah, but at least he’s not that pompous, self-serving asshole, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.”

Who else do we know who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions? Hmm…

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