Ronna McDaniel Gone From NBC After Four Days

NBC News should never have hired election-denier, coup-plotting Ronna McDaniel in the first place. But better to dump her quickly than to double down on their mistake.

Puck’s Dylan Byers reported the decision McDaniel’s ousting earlier, noting that details have yet to be worked out and that McDaniel is seeking legal representation:

Chuck Todd, Nicolle Wallace and Rachel Maddow (above) are just a few of the high-profile personalities who publicly lashed out at their employer for hiring McDaniel. There was plenty of behind-the-scenes outrage, too. The New York Times reported, “some rank-and-file employees were starting discussions on how to further pressure network leadership over Ms. McDaniel, a person with knowledge of the talks said.”

Good riddance!

UPDATE: The New York Post is lying about the objections to McDaniel’s hire in order to paint her as a MAGA victim: “The decision to hire McDaniel sparked anger due to her backing of former President Donald Trump.” No, it’s the election and democracy subversion, stupid. You’d think after shelling out $787.5 million for Fox News’ election lies, the Murdoch media would get it.

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