Russian Sabotage Mission Thwarted By Wild Boars

Protecting the Motherland, one pig at a time. As noted below, the Russian soldiers could not shoot the animals because they’d have been found and dispatched by Ukrainian soldiers. Relying on their running ability they were soon overwhelmed by the wild boars. One Russian did not make it and was left to fertilize the Ukrainian earth.

Source: Focus (Ukraine)

In the Chernobyl zone near the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, a wild boar attacked the Russian DRG and killed one of the enemy scouts. This is reported in the Russian anonymous Telegram channel “Kremlevskaya tabakerka”.

It is noted that the accident happened near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. A small enemy sabotage group from the territory of Belarus penetrated the Exclusion Zone, bypassing control and observation posts.

“At one point, the group was passing through the forest and came across a herd of wild boars that roam there. It was not possible to shoot at the animals, as the loud sounds of the shots could give away the scouts. The boars managed to catch up with one of the soldiers. After a collision with one of the animals, he unfortunately fell and hit his head on a stone. Died on the spot,” the message reads.

As the Telegram channel writes, the body of the dead occupier was not evacuated, and the operation plan had to be changed.

The report.

As is usual, Ukrainians responded with memes.

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