Sen. Mike Lee Thinks Patriot Front March Was A False Flag

Patriot Front marched through Nashville on Saturday, carrying confederate flags and a “Reclaim America” banner while wearing masks to cover their faces. But Kremlin-adjacent Sen. Mike Lee says he thinks the event was a “false flag.” Via Rolling Stone:

“Without the iron-clad resolve of our ancestors, there would be no America. We are heirs to an expansive and continental homeland purchased with immeasurable sacrifice… Nationalism is natural. Patriotism is inevitable,” the group’s leader, Thomas Rousseau, chanted into a bullhorn during the weekend march. More than 100 Patriot Front members appeared to participate in the Nashville event. The group reportedly vandalized a bridge by spray painting it with their logo and, according to the Tenn

Matt Kriner, a senior research scholar at Middlebury University’s Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism, told Rolling Stone in 2022 that the group is “deeply fascistic, deeply anti-Semitic, very racist, and they don’t hide it.”

But Republican Sen. Mike Lee claimed he has “never heard of” Patriot Front. The Trump loyalist posted video of the march on Saturday and wrote, “I’ve never heard of this group[.] Any chance this is a false flag operation?”

“So much uniformity,” Lee continued. “It hardly has the feel of a grassroots, patriotic group. I don’t think I’ve never seen one that looks or acts like this.”

You’ve never seen Nazis wear uniforms, Mike? Maybe if you get your head out of Putin’s ass, you might learn something.

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