Social Media Influencer Can't Believe She Got Arrested For Her Crimes

The sense of entitlement with these people is breathtaking.

Source: Associated Press

A conservative social media influencer has been charged with storming the U.S. Capitol and passing a stolen table out of a broken window, allowing other rioters to use it as a weapon against police, according to court records unsealed on Monday.

Isabella Maria DeLuca was arrested last Friday in Irvine, California, on misdemeanor charges, including theft of government property, disorderly conduct and entering a restricted area.

DeLuca, who has more than 333,000 followers on the platform formerly known as Twitter, is a former congressional intern who works as a media associate for The Gold Institute for International Strategy. DeLuca’s profile on the institute’s website says she served as an ambassador for the conservative youth organization Turning Point USA.

DeLuca also interned for former U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York and Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona, both of whom are Republicans who have supported former President Donald Trump.

Isabella is traumatized by all this, of course. “Being handcuffed and shackled isn’t something I ever thought I would experience.” Not even when you were recorded crawling through a window at the Capitol with stolen items?

So much so she immediately set up a GiveSendGo for her legal defense fund.

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point went apoplectic at the injustice of it all. NBC’s Ryan Reilly tried to set him straight, which is an impossiblity.

And part of DeLuca’s crime spree and the consequences of her actions.

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