Someone Is Whining Because She Couldn't Get Mayorkas Impeached

Controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene threw a pity party for herself with podcaster Steve Bannon. She was so close to getting it when she told that drooling potato head that Democrats have been using her as a “punching bag,” especially during the bogus impeachment vote for Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who, in total, has broken zero laws. Not that that matters to the dysfunctional Chaos Crew. The vote failed at a 214- 216 vote, but that’s still depressing. That means that until we take Congress back, we’ll have to play tit-for-tat politics with those who are solely there to serve the former President.

“You really took some beating today,” Bannon said of the woman who usually looks beaten up. “In fact, the Democrats, instead of a defense of Mayorkas, they really, in this debate that took place this afternoon, really went after you harder than defending Mayorkas. Why was that, ma’am?”

“That’s right, Steve,” the long-suffering Congresswoman said. “I’ve been the Democrat punching bag, well, it’s kind of been that way since I became a member of Congress, but especially through our debates and impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas.”

You see how she almost got it, right? You can’t just impeach someone for not supporting your policies. But sure, be angry over that.

“They would rather defend the man that has caused our country to be invaded by over 10 million illegal aliens with nearly 2 million gotaways,” she continued. Among them, we don’t know how many are terrorists that could actually carry out a terrorist attack here in the interior of our United States. Murder of Americans every single day, rape, crime statistics like you’ve never seen before, 300 Americans murdered every single day by fentanyl trafficked across the country.”

“They would rather defend the man that has caused that to happen to the American people than actually agree with me,” she added. “They defend him and attack me all day long and attack President Trump. You’re hearing it, you’re seeing it. It’s in every single one of their speeches, and it’s outrageous.”

Maybe if she did her job for a change, that would help. Marge wants a position in Lumpy’s second administration, and sure, the polls could be better for Biden, but Trump’s not winning over independents or the coveted women’s voting bloc. Oh, and did you hear? He was referred to as Citizen Trump today. Sorry, I just felt like rubbing that in, but my point is that they’re banking too much on Trump, the American citizen who is facing 91 felonies, getting back the keys to the White House.

At any rate, quit picking on Marge, you guys. Her feewings are hurt.

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