Stormy Daniels: Trump Thinks He's Samson, Power In His Hair

In the new “Stormy” Daniels documentary on Peacock, the now famous porn star told Seth Rogan a story about Trump’s obsession with his hair.

This makes a lot of sense when you remember Trump is an egomaniacal infant.

Seth Rogan filmed a movie with Stormy in 2006, and and off-camera asked her who she had slept with. Of course, her response was Donald Trump.

“We were like, what’s up with the hair? Like, what’s going on with the hair? And she was like, “Oh, I asked him about the hair,” Rogan said. “He said to her that he had had a dream like, Samson and Delilah and that he felt as though his power rested in his hair, and that if he lost it, he would lose his power and his stature.”

You see, Super Trump beats up lions with his bare hands.

“And that’s why, even though he knows it’s ridiculous — to him that is preferable than cutting it off because he has, like, superstitions about it,” Rogan stated.

You can see Trump has taken this very seriously.

In his latest rallies it’s like he’s dying the top of his hair as orange as possible to match the makeup he puts on his face.

Not surprising Trump has a Samson fantasy about HIMSELF.

But Stormy definitely explains it all about Trump’s ridiculous hair.


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