Taraji P. Henson Warns About Project 2025 During BET Awards

Political activists spent the past week wondering how to get the word out about Project 2025, and how to impress people on how important it was to vote, but actress and singer Taraji P. Henson managed to get the job done in between the BET Awards last Sunday night. Via MSNBC.com:

Host Taraji P. Henson made multiple references to it. One came at the show’s end when she encouraged viewers to research it, and another came during a midshow public service announcement.

She said:

Show up and show out when it’s time to vote, because it’s not just about the presidential election, you guys. It’s time for us to play chess, not checkers. It’s about making decisions that will affect us as human beings. Our careers, our next generations to come. Did you know that it is now a crime to be homeless? Pay attention. It’s not a secret: Look it up. They are attacking our most vulnerable citizens. The Project 2025 plan is not a game. Look it up!

Henson went on to reference Project 2025’s proposals to require mandatory national service, which could include compulsory military service and has many people concerned about the reinstitution of the draft. She also talked about the potential for the next president to seat three Supreme Court justices.

“We need those seats, or we have no protection,” she warned.

She closed out the evening talking about why it was so important to vote this year, and Project 2025 quickly went viral — so much so, a panicked Trump felt obliged to pretend he didn’t know anything about it.

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