The best early Prime Day car accessory deals for 2024

Looking for the best car accessory and automotive deals to come out of Prime Day 2024? Well, look no further. These deals can help you save on things like dash cams, jump starters, tire inflators, vacuums and air filters, cleaners and much, much more. We’ll be keeping these deals and many more updated throughout the event, officially happening on July 16-17, so check back often or bookmark our Amazon Prime Day 2024 landing page right here.

There are tons of automotive categories on Amazon, and we hit all of the big ones in this post, so to make it easier, if you’re looking for deals only in a specific category, you can just click the name of the category below and the link will automagically transport you to that specific part of this page so you can get right to the deals you’re interested in.

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Of all the car accessory sub-categories out there, this one might be the most important. Taking good care of your car’s exterior and interior will help it last longer and look better. There are all kinds of car care products out there in the world, but these are currently topping the best-seller charts at Amazon. You’ll notice that multiple brands of cleaning gel are popular, though for our money, there probably isn’t much difference brand to brand here, so we’d recommend just getting whichever color you like best. The category also features products like vacuums, microfiber towels and protectant sprays, all essential for taking the best care of your vehicle.

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A dash cam can be an absolute lifesaver for when things don’t always go exactly according to plan on the road. They’re great for grabbing video of road trips (both inside and outside the car, depending on what style cam you get) or can even help you grab footage of unfortunate accidents. Luckily, thanks to these early Prime Day deals, you can grab popular options from iZeeker, RedTiger, Chortau and more at a discount.

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This is Amazon’s category for anything you might need for your car exterior. As you’ll see, it’s not exactly the most inspiring selection of products, but they’re important none-the-less. Things like a tarp or a license plate from can provide some much-needed protection against the elements, the ice scraper below can help clear the elements from your vehicle when they’re unavoidable and things like car magnets are accessories that you stick on your car at any time, mostly just for fun or function.

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These car accessories for your interior can be a fantastic way to keep things clean and organized inside your vehicle. The inside of your vehicle is the part you’ll be seeing the most, after all! Things like car fresheners, headrest hooks, floor mats and trash cans can help the inside of your ride look and smell better and accessories like seat cushions can help you enjoy those long drives even more by making you as comfortable as possible in the driver’s seat.

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Keeping your headlights clean (and functional) is an integral part of car ownership. These are some of the best-selling options in the light and lighting accessories category on Amazon, but they won’t all apply to everyone. Before making any purchases here, be sure to consult your owner’s manual to confirm which type of bulbs you need unless you’re already 100% sure. If you’re looking for the best way to simply clean your headlights, you can check out our helpful how-to video on the subject right here. 

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For many of us, two wheels are just as good as four. Even if you prefer a motorcycle to an automobile, you’ll still need accessories to make sure it’s maintained and taken care of, and you may even need a few extra to make sure you, as the rider, are taken care of as well. These motorcycle (and ATV) deals can help. In addition to things like face masks and phone mounts, this category includes a lot of WD-40 sprays, but make sure you pick the right one for the application you actually need it for, if that’s what you’re looking to pick up.

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This is a popular automotive category on Amazon with some solid deals, so naturally we’re including it in this list, but we have to stress that motor oil is not a one-size-fits-all type of product and it’s vital that you only use the type of oil meant for your vehicle. Please confirm that you’re looking at the correct type of oil for your car before making a purchase. 

  • STA-BIL Storage Fuel Stabilizer – $8.28 (16% off)
    • This fuel additive can “keep fuel fresh for up to 24 months so you can store the car you’re not driving, keep outdoor power equipment fresh through the winter, or stock up on gasoline without worry.”

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No matter how careful you are, the occasional scuff in your car paint is pretty much inevitable. These solutions can help to hide some scratches and blemishes, as long as you’re careful. As always, if you’re really worried about it, it’s always best to head to a professional to make sure you get the best job done possible on your paint, but if you feel confident in your DIY abilities, these products can help.

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This Amazon category, although seemingly broad, is mostly just packed with oil filters, air filters, filter cleaners and spark plugs. Naturally, before purchasing either of these types of products, always consult your owner’s manual for information on what kind you’ll need. 

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If you’ve got an RV then the deals in this category could be useful for you! Most are plumbing related, but if you own an RV you know that the bathroom situation is basically always top-of-mind. If you can figure out the best way to deal with a moving bathroom, the rest of the RV ownership experience will probably come pretty easy.

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The “replacement parts” automotive category on Amazon includes things like wiper blades, headlight kits and even battery chargers, which means that these accessories aren’t strictly “replacements” but rather, tools to help prevent the need for fully replacing things that could instead be maintained or fixed. As far as we’re concerned, that’s even better. Pay special attention before purchasing wiper blades, though. You’ll need to look up the correct size for your vehicle before making your final purchase.

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If you’ve ever found yourself stuck with a dead car battery, you know just how defeated it can make you feel. With the help of a portable jump starter, you can take some power back into your own hands (literally) and never worry about a dead battery again! Most of these products make the process of giving yourself a jump dead simple and thanks to these deals, you can snag a jump starter at a super affordable price.

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Contrary to the name, this Amazon category actually features products meant for wheels and tires, rather than wheels and tires themselves. Mostly, it’s filled with tire inflators and tire pressure gauges. Everyone knows that it’s extremely important to keep your tires properly inflated, but for some reason, many of us tend to ignore this essential part of car maintenance. With a portable air compressor, you’ll have no excuse to put it off any longer. These things make topping off your tires an absolute breeze and thanks to these deals you can grab one at a discount.

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