The Morning After: What to expect from Apple’s big event

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off on Monday with the usual parade of new stuff the company has been working on. But, much as it wants to preserve its surprises, there have been sufficient leaks for us to know plenty about what’ll be shown off on stage. . And while Apple just launched new iPads, we can always hope to see some new and exciting hardware getting the on-stage treatment.

— Dan Cooper

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Image of StarlinerImage of Starliner


Starliner has . Malfunctioning thrusters prevented the first attempt, but the second was a success. The Starliner crew will spend the next eight days aboard the station before what we all only hope is a safe return to Earth.

Image of StarshipImage of Starship


SpaceX’s enormous Starship rocket leapt through several milestones after . There were some problems on the return journey, including a flap that started to burn off while descending. But the mood at SpaceX is likely triumphant after demonstrating so many capabilities at once.

One late-breaking rumor before WWDC was that Apple would . The company already has a sophisticated password manager built in, but rumors suggest a standalone app will be both easier to use and a bigger draw. If true, it’s likely to prompt fears that third-party password managers, like 1Password and LastPass, are at risk of being muscled out of the space.

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