'They Came For Dolly…We Ride At Dawn'

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Needing some clickbait probably, The Federalist (a far-right conservative online magazine funded by right-wing billionaires) resorted to slagging America’s sweetheart and cultural icon, Dolly Parton. And their reasoning? She doesn’t hate on the gays as a good Christian is supposed to do, at least in their perverse worldview.

And who did they enlist for this thankless task (although probably well-compensated for her 703 words of shameless bigotry) but an Evangelical writer for World magazine and reporter for Christianity Today named Ericka Andersen.

Source: The Federalist

To be sure, the culture is on a constant witch hunt for those who would call homosexuality sinful. I understand wanting to avoid the avalanche of criticism, but calling sin out by name isn’t judgment. It’s adhering to Scripture.

Parton had no problem identifying another kind of sin, saying, “Judging [others] is just as bad as any other sin.” I guess she’s a “good enough” Christian to call that one out.

Furthermore, it’s illogical to avoid taking a stand on something simply because of imperfection or human nature. If this were the case, we couldn’t call anything wrong.

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