Tim Miller Confronts Steve Bannon Over Fake 'Stolen Election'

Imma have to start watching The Circus on Showtime again if Tim Miller is going to be a regular. I stopped because I was sick of these professional political types like John Heilmann or Mark McKinnon talking to these MAGA types as if they were were buddies. I much prefer Tim Miller’s approach, because that’s how I used to talk to politicians.

“You’re the king of the Stop the Steal movement, what are you doing here?” Miller asks Steve Bannon. “Shouldn’t she (Kari Lake) be running away from you, running toward the moderates, trying to get the old John McCain, Jeff Flake voters?”

“I think she’s gonna get that,” the con man said. “You know, Kari Lake’s the future.”

Why’s she still talking about the 2020 election?” Miller said.

“Wait until we have the House of Representatives next year, when we have a real J6 committee…”

“Oh, come on,” Miller said.

“Oh no, we’re gonna adjudicate all through November,” Bannon said.

“You don’t really believe this shit,” Miller responded. “You seriously think it was stolen still? People stormed the Capitol over this shit, dude. These are lies!”

“That was not by Trump,” Bannon protested.

“If you weren’t lying about it, that wouldn’t have happened,” Miller said. “I’ll argue with you about the border, man, but you don’t believe this shit. I’m not gonna do it.”

And he walked away, like a normal person would.

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