Trump Jr. Calls Fox News ‘Scumbags’

Just like his felonious father, there just isn’t enough loyalty, admiration and devotion in the world to satisfy Donald Trump Jr.’s ever-needy ego.

Case in point: Fox News. For the most part, the network acts like an arm of the Convicted Felon Trump for President campaign but, apparently, the few instances of independence – like not giving him the airtime he thinks he deserves, has gotten under Trump Jr.’s skin.

In this gripe and grievance, captured by Media Matters, Trump Jr. whined on his Rumble show about not being able to stream President Joe Biden’s Monday-night comments about the Supreme Court’s immunity decision.

“They’ll sue me for infringing,” he grumbled. “I mean, if the president of the United States is speaking, you would think that would be available to all.” Actually, Failson Trump Jr. could almost certainly have streamed Biden’s remarks from the White House YouTube channel. But for Trump Jr., research, like laws, are for other people, it seems.

And why bother when you can play the victim? “They’ll come up with a way to do it,” Trump Jr. continued bellyaching. “I think, you know, Fox News is more likely to sue me than CNN these days. Scumbags.”


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