Trump On Heatwave At Nevada Rally: 'What About Me?'

Donald Trump held a rally in Nevada days after supporters ended up in a hospital after succumbing to heat exhaustion in Arizona. And the bazillion-degree weather in Vegas didn’t stop Lumpy from holding his lie-filled rally. Of course, Trump flew into the area in an air-conditioned plane while his supporters waited in the record-high temperatures plaguing the Southwest. Trump made it all about him. Quelle surprise!

“And now, by the way, it’s 110, but it doesn’t feel it to me, right?” Trump said. “So we’ll stay out here for a little while.”

“If anybody gets tired, you’ll let me know,” he continued. “And if anybody goes down, if you start going down, we have people, they’ll pick you up right away. They’ll throw water.”

“You know, they were so worried,” he insisted. “Everybody was so worried yesterday about you.”

Here it comes:

“And they never mentioned me,” Trump said. “I’m up here sweating like a dog. The Secret Service said we have to make sure everyone’s safe. I said, what about me? Oh, we never thought of that.”

“They don’t think about me,” he added. “I’m working my ass off. I’m working hard.”

Hard work to Trump is eating three Big Macs. Hard work to that assclown is flying into an event, airing his grievances, then leaving. In 2020, hundreds of Trump supporters were left in cold weather after a Trump rally, with some walking around 3 miles to waiting buses and others being taken away in ambulances while Trump flew off in his warm plane.

But what about Trump?


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