Wisconsin Election Board Member In Hot Water Again

Early last year, the news broke that Robert Spindell, who is a Republican member of the Wisconsin Election Commission, a fake elector from the 2020 election and an officer of the Republican Party, was bragging to his party members that due to their strategies of voter oppression and voter intimidation, they were able to keep 37,000 Black and Latino voters from voting. Due to this obvious conflict of interest, there was a large demand that Spindell either resign or be fired from the election commission.

Now fast forward to Thursday, when the matter was brought up again during a meeting of the elections commission. Not only Spindell again blow off the calls for his resignation, but he also went to astounding levels of gall when he came up with this doozy:

In response to the comments made during a Wisconsin Elections Commission meeting, Commissioner Bob Spindell said there was “no white Republican that has done more for the Black community than me.”

How very Trumpian of him. And during Black History Month none the less.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject, can I mention Abraham Lincoln as a white Republican that has done more for the Black people than Spindell.

On a bright side, community leaders are not afraid to swing back at his nonsense:

Angela Lang, executive director of Milwaukee-based voter outreach group Black Leaders Organizing Communities, said Spindell’s comments during the Thursday commission meeting were “laughable.”

“I struggle to even think of a white Republican who has done something meaningful for our community,” she said. “This is a deflection from his own actions and even more shameful during Black History Month.”

If Spindell were to think about it, he might not want to get so cocky. While Republican leadership in the legislature has had his back, he ought to remember that that landscape is about to change and he might not have those people to protect him. Furthermore, if community leaders take my advice from last year, they would initiate legal proceedings on their own. As with the legislature, Spindell doesn’t have the guarantee of protection anymore now that justice has returned to the land.

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